Left leading into the bay. Short rides

Northern Exposure

There is a lot of talk going around how good the waves are…few people getting pretty excited. Well I did a big drive around, and yep, there is plenty of ENE swell hitting and perfect offshores from the West. Hell even the sun is shining….but I didn’t really see anything between Bondi to Maroubra that was… well… special.

Bondi was tiny and neglecting the swell source (but clean), Bronte had a hollow reef peak but very random and wobbly, Tama was doing its usual close out performance…so I think you have to smoke the wagon out of here…seeing its offshore all day…Manly would be fun, Whaley would be better and some sneaky beaches up north would be pumping. Do it. Do it.

The FruitMan Sam

Local Bronte surfer and good bloke, Sam Reid, has started a Fruit and Veg delivery business. Every morning is wakes up at 4am, drives out to Flemington markets to get the best produce on offer, then has it on your door later in the day. I am on the program…and love it. The produce available around Bondi is terrible (and a ripoff)…Sam’s stuff is super fresh and lasts longer. $44 for a box (delivered) Try it

Running on Blood

If you pledged blood yesterday to the Red Cross Blood Service, thank you. And Glenn Orgias thanks you. He’s trying to raise 5,000 blood donations see www.runningonblood.com to pledge.

The 600mm lens was just too close for this shot. Damn primes.

Whale watchers

First Tracks. Ice cold sand.

Fading ya mate

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