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Ghost town

Today’s Aquabumps comes for a small town on the NSW coastline where not much is happening on the land or in the wave department. Didn’t actually see a car, wave or a human for the first 2 hrs of wondering around.

I hear Bondi was surfable (2ft) at Sunrise but the southerly is now in making a mess of things. Unfortunately tomorrow will share the same ill fate. Have a break, fix the dings, do some work or book a trip overseas.

Tengirri – Mentawai Charters 2010

If you want to go to the Mentawai Islands, probably my favourite place on this planet, you have to book now for 2010. I just did (11th Trip!).

Tengirri is the boat I normally travel on and I’m very happy with them. They always seem to find us waves and being a small boat I don’t have to organise huge groups…only 6 or 7 (trust me, smaller groups are so much easier). Each group booked goes into the draw to win a pair of Dragon Polarised Sunglasses (the owner made me write that).

The most common question I get about the Mentawais is whether all the waves are super heavy. No. Not at all. All the big name breaks ARE…just watch this footage of Green Bush…but there are so many other breaks, you just need to make sure your whole boat are of the same surfing skill and tell the skipper what you want.

Check out their website or email for more information and avails.

Have a great day:: uge

Letter boxes

I am pretty sure he made it out

Cruisy smaller barrel

Jeff, skipper of Tengirri testing the waters for his guests

5 thoughts on “Ghost town

  1. Uge struggling to see the video links that you are posting. have tried over last couple of days most recently with ‘footage of Green Bush’. There is a chance that this is a work related issue but normally its fine.. maybe worth double checking

  2. Oops, yep Wanering Joel. Half asleep when I posted this morning.

    JD – I just checked today’s video and works fine for me. They are YOUTUBE videos…you may be blocked. The other video got take down as SURFERMAG kicked up a fuss that we had video footage of big names and they were trying to keep it exclusive.

    Ben – town? ahhh. not mentioning where. Its so unknown and perfect.


  3. i live on the otherside of the pointy mountain in the background of the first photograph, and yes, it does pump frequently
    thanks for keeping a secret uge

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