Frosty sand shadows

Frosty dribbles

The short-lived east swell has evapourated and now we’ve just got little knee high dribbles. Bondi was probably the most surfable and a great day for L platers. I can’t see any action in the swell forecast until at least Saturday where a new dead south swell arrives flanked by howling Sw winds.

This morning you could really feel the claws of winter. 6 degrees at sunrise. Felt like 0. Still plenty of people frolicking around in speedos going for their morning swim – hats off to you.

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Tomorrow night Andrew Kidman’s and Aaron Curnow’s baby LAST HOPE is on the big screen at Waverly Bowls. You can buy tickets online or on the door – 7pm. See opening piece to get the flavour. It’s amazing and I recommend viewing.

Have a great day, uge

Drawing in the sand (early)

Frosty dribblers in the middle of the bay

Doggie rights off Nth Steyne

What a bomb. nice and chunky.

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