The big man, Gezza Blake, unleashing on this one


Yesterday pumping East swell has ran out of gas overnight. Quite a disappointing 3 foot today – half of its former self.

It’s still very clean, offshore (NW) and sunny.

The only decent wave in the Eastern suburbs is Maroubra – and it wasn’t that crash hot.

Head over the bridge to Manly and I am sure you’d find better waves.

Or better still, all the way down the south coast – where the swell is on its last legs but maintaining size.

Max 17 degrees on land, wind: W/NW 5/10 kts early increasing to 13/18 kts. Low tide 6:30am, high tide 1pm.

Have a fine day ::uge

Nice Start to the day down at Bondeye way

Fools Gold

"I swear...yesterday it was double this..."

Max Ayshford hacking away in the corner

3 thoughts on “Halved

  1. Hey Uge,

    The ‘Bergs shot above has a glimpse of some of the guerilla knitting that has appeared along Notts Ave.
    Have you seen any other pieces around Bondi?


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