Freighters skies

DEAD south

After hanging out in the country for a week it’s nice to come back to quiet winter Bondi with only a few out and 3 foot waves. The swell period is roughly 15 seconds, that’s big for oz kids, kinda like what you get in Indonesia. The swell origin is DEAD SOUTH, so beaches not facing dead south will think its tiny or flat as a pancake.

High tide was 6:40am, the before work session would not be best. Low tide is 12pm, so either side of low should show some quality especially in these perfect NW offshores. I know a couple of places that would be smoking right now and if I’d hadn’t been lying on the beach for the past 8 days (in the middle of winter) I’d be smokin’ the chumped Pulsar (with spinning rims of course) well out of town to score.

Also, at 6:20am this morning Bondi lit up pink and orange as a low hanging cloud put on a sunrise colour show. Nice. Great start to the day

The rest of the week is going have the same sunny weather (freaky) and 2-3 waves. Enjoy ::uge

Small wave off the reef (fat)

Lone wolf in the middle

Andrej rebelling in the uncrowded conditions

Morning gulls lookin' for a chup

2 thoughts on “DEAD south

  1. Yep I was a witness to it this morning too, and you with your mega lens clicking off at tama
    great photos as usual uge
    marketing ….so where is the t shirts ….singlets..we could do some advertising for you
    Dusky sunrises hmmmmmmm Definately the best time of the day
    nice work
    you deserve a pat on the back

  2. Thanks Jo. I have done tees before. Not really my thing – gallery images are my thing. thanks and good to see you.

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