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lazy shutters

There’s actually a fun little wave on this morning even though it was quite messy (2ft, sometimes 3). Winds are NW, so it should be cleaner than it was.

The 7:20am high tide wasn’t the best time to paddle out, towards the lower 12:40pm tide it should improve. Still quite gutless.

City Surf Run is this weekend. I know this because of the massive tent that is currently under construction on Bondi beach. Also the number of joggers jamming in some last minute training was phenomenal. I mean if you didn’t start weeks ago you’re gonna hurt on Sunday.

Just to clarify, we’re NOT having a City to Surf party this year. Don’t get me wrong…last year we had fun entertaining 500 thirsty street partiers with half a pallet of Coopers Pale Ale (mm so refreshing)….well, it was a bit heavy with 75 riot police claiming our little shindig was going to escalate to a Cronulla riot and we even had a arrests and were shut way too early. (see photos). So no beer truck is dropping by this week and you’ll have to get creepy at one of the other hundred parties in Bondi. We are open for business though, 10am to 6pm on Sunday – so drop by after your run – all 150,000 of youse.

20 degrees today. 22 degrees on Friday – take the day off for sure! Adios amigos::Ugios

PS – Today’s slow shutter shots are intentional and may seem blurry – yep, so my camera isn’t broken and you don’t have to worry!

Last minute City To Surf training


Sol, weaving through a his U turn

Partly cloudy, quite dark but still nice

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