Morning Splash

Morning Splash

I don’t have to write about the amazing weather today, as that’s been pretty standard for the past 3 weeks. (Good for the local Bondi businesses after 2 really wet winters). I will write about the good little waves hitting Bondi’s corner though. It didn’t look enticing at sunrise, in fact I’d decided it wasn’t even worth a fat fish paddle. But around 7:45am the sets seem to be a little more consistent and larger. Mostly 2 foot, sometimes 3 foot if you were patient enough. We’ve had a good run lately (weather and waves) … let’s hope it continues ::uge

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Baked set wave - best winter light

Lars Goldstein and his MiniMe

The stylish moves of MacInWheels (of stab)

One of the better set waves. Surfer: Guers

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