Harries Carroll, taking time out from the lifeguard tower

Double Up

Seeing the swell forecast charts show a lot of zero’s it’s a bonus to get a surf in today. Bondi is squeezing the most out of this micro swell, most waves 1-2 foot and surfable(ish)

Me thinks grab a long (or fat) board and go for a paddle, it’s such a nice day out there.(again) High tide 8:30am, low tide 2pm, 20 degrees on the land today, fine, W/NW to 10 kts, tending NW/NE 10/15 kts in the afternoon. Water 17 degrees.

If you want to surf the Mentawais next year, yep, you gotta book now. Not a bad idea to get a charter early in the year, before most of the boats have started their season (e.g. Jan, Feb or March). Only a few trips left on Tengirri (the boat I boat each year). Look at www.tengirri.com or email anthony@tengirri.com – even if you don’t have a full boat, they can try and fix you up with some other crew.

Jettie and his fancy fish from Sea.

The Vidler sisters - tandem

Alex and Karl gettin' cosy

City to Surf Tents are back - that time of year

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