Dribbly bits in the sth corner


The waves weren’t the highlight of the morning. Its small. 1 foot small. Good for the newbies who dominated the peak at South Bondi.

The sunrise was spectacular though. Yep another one. Amazing time of year, and amazing winter we’re having. Next week, again, looks to be mostly sunny.

More importantly it’s going to be sunny for the City to Surf fun run on Sunday. 150,000 mad pavement pounders will be winding their way to Bondi from the big smoke…don’t forget to come see the Aquabumps gallery right near the finish line. (and no party this year, we’re getting all mature and boring – I repeat no party this year – call off the riot squad)

New swell arriving tomorrow but with strong winds flanking it. ::uge

Pre-sunrise glow


Garrick, grovelling

mad skies with jet streams

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