Even the groms were struggling to get going

Bakin’ pancakes

If a one liner was needed to sum up today it will be ‘bakin’ pancakes’. Oh my, it’s such a nice day outside (23), if only there were waves.

Bondi had a wave-starved pack in the corner scrappin’ over sub-1-footers (clean). Meanwhile back on the beach hundreds broke out into their morning rituals…bit of Tai chi, skipping, soft sandin’ or just rolling around in the sand. Some new faces came out of winter hibernation in attempt to lose the excess baggage for the inbound summer season.

Have a good day. 1 foot bigger tomorrow. Maybe 3 ft Monday. Nothing major to report.


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Swimmercam is back. Go for a dip

Karlos Page, need to work on the guns buddy

Pool cleaning day

1 foot inconsistent sets

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