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Step up

Little bit more bump in the swell today. Say a small man’s foot up on yesterday. The swell charts are calling it a 13 second swell period – wow – it’s probably from all that thumpin’ swell down in Victoria. That all translates to 2 footers, long waits, lacking push and big early morning crowds enjoying the incredible weather – again. Seeing it’s been flat it is actually looking quite inviting. Top of 23 today and clouds will rock in later. 27 tomorrow with possible showers. Small swell all weekend, sub 2 footers. Boo


The aerial shots taken last summer are hanging in the Aquabumps gallery. A unique angle of Bondi which most haven’t seen before. Come see 151 Curlewis Street Bondi beach NSW 2026 t:91307788 More info | See Aerial Shots Online


If you’re feeling a bit stiff, book yourself into some weekend yoga workshops at Samudra. They’re giving away a weekend workshop. Click here to enter |

Just cruzin'

Water is still cold, 16.5, but it will give you a jump start

Fittest man in Australia - Vaughan Blank

Fence sitters

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