Great set out the back, Wal tucking in


After yesterday’s leap in swell size from 1 foot to 3 foot I’d thought there would be some decent waves this morning. Unfortunately its disappeared as fast as it appeared. The swell origin is dead south, so Bronte, The Bra etc would be watching it march on by to south facing beaches. Bondi was 2 foot, maybe 3 foot on a larger set…but mostly closing out. Decent crowd out there for a Monday morning when everyone should be back at work.

Today is probably the biggest it’s going to be all week at Bondi. A new NE swell will arrive Thursday, bringing good waves for next weekend.

Freezing in the water this morning. Call me a wuss, but I’ve only just started to thaw out from my swim. Horrible rip in the sth of Bondi. Ferocious. Trying to swim with a camera (and a 200mm lens) with only was flipper was difficult.


Andrew Harris still buzzing from his recent trip to the Ments

Serena paddling in the big blue

Young Davies showing form

The shallow bank, which doesn't work on the low

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