good sized sets rollin' thru


A lil’ spike in swell is providing plenty of waves for all this morning. Tad more south in it, SSE at 9.6 secs.

Quite a few breaks working around the 3-4 foot mark and this morning’s low tide (5.11am at 0.44m) is puttin’ some hollow in them walls. Board snappin’ material. The weather man is calling onshore SE winds later today (offshore right now). So now is best…I’d go north side…

Check the weather forecast for the next 3 days. Friday, sunny 27. Saturday, sunny 27, Monday sunny 27. WOW. Summer has arrived early. Enjoy.



Serena doing the pool jump-off

Finally, a wall to carve

Shallow bank in the middle keeping everyone busy

12 thoughts on “Spike

  1. Uge, fantastic shots today.. Looking to be a great weekend.
    I can’t for the life if me workout what is on the left side of the first photo, looks like a negative or somthing?
    Have a great day mate.

  2. Thanks Jamoe, been working on it for ages…so glad to get it out. Now I just have to get a iphone! Hope all is good in the coastalwatch hood. ::uge

  3. These photos look sick! Wish it was the same here on the west coast- we’ve got 7m mash at the moment! Just wondering if anyone can tell me.. Is aqua bumps just for bondi/east coast crew?? Cheers.

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