Jeremy Wilmotte, barrel no. 234

Tunnel vision

Busy day in surf land. Incoming tide pushing a few bombs into our beaches. Ideal conditions with light grooming offshores. Most beaches would have something to surf today. Swell origin has gone SE so Bondi was starting to work again. Hope you got a few. Loads of people late for work today.

Jeremy Wilmotte, Maroubra tube pilot documented his morning with a head cam and he probably got the best waves of the session. See what he sees down the line. Watch Video from this morning.

Waves all weekend (SE 3 ft with NW winds). Yep. Immaculate weather too. 27 degrees both days. Amazing. Go for a drive, you’ll find something.

If you’re in Bondi over the weekend, come see the Aquabumps gallery’s Aerial photography show “Airborne“…big crowds of last summer shot from a new angle rarely seen. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach (behind the work site of the Bondi Hotel, next door to Civic Video).

Ok ok, its true…we’re beta testing our new Aquabumps Iphone app (I wasn’t meant to discuss it so early – I’m frothin’ a bit). It’s hot, and its free. Dig in. If something goes wrong, be nice, we’re still testing. Click here see app in Itunes store, or if you’re on your iphone go to the App store and download AQUABUMPS app. The fresh pics are in category “Daily Photos” – so click on that puppy when you’re up and running.


Shallow bank, bit like jumping off the shed roof

The office

Head cam in the barrel, see this footage

13 thoughts on “Tunnel vision

    1. Thanks. Keep it free so that plenty of peeps download it.
      Click on DAILY PHOTOS to get the lates pics – and don’t forget to hit the REFRESH button to see new content.
      Have fun. uge

  1. Innovative and inspirational! We were one bank north of you and watched the action unfold.
    Our crew were doing a lot of roof jumping!
    Then to watch J doing it right gave us hope and inspiration.
    Good work and top app!

    1. Thanks Everyone, glad you’re enjoying the app. I am pretty excited about it. Think its perfect little distraction on your iphone. enjoy!

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