Geoff Knapp finding a wall right in the corner


Not much doing down the beach this morning. No sunrise as clouds dominated the horizon and the weak 1-2 footers weren’t really my cup of tea. The charts are calling a dramatic improvement as the day progresses. East swell, 11 secs later today – that should be good. So by the time you read this and come up with some complicated excuse to leave work, it would have come up. However the flanking NE winds at 15 knots will blow and may disturb surface quality.

Glenn Orgias, the shark Attack victim from Bondi was out there this morning. I have to say…he was surfing amazingly well for only have 1 arm and involved in a attack with a White pointer. Shortboard now too. Good work Glenn.

The Australian Red Cross Blood wagon is currently at Bondi beach. I gave my 500 mls yesterday and encourage you to do the same. If you get the chair at the door you can watch the surf for 10 mins whilst you pump out. Book in first

Indo waves have been pumping this week. Bali has been off the hook. Padang Padang had 40 out yesterday all trying to get that celebrated covershot. Chaos.

Canon have just launch their new pro-sumer camera body. The EOS 7D. This 18 megapixel beast features HiDef video capabilities like its 5d brother, but there’s something new – Hybrid Image Stabilizer technology. So what’s that? I am not 100% sure as I don’t have one yet, but I gather it corrects camera shake in a big way…so you can shoot slow shutters – sharp.

‘Bondi Dreaming’, written and directed by Sam Atwell, first ran in 2008 at The Newtown Theatre and has now been picked up by the BITE Series (Best in Independent Theatre) at The Seymour Centre for a four week run. Three pairs of free tickets for the Preview show this Wednesday 16th September will be given away to the first three Aquabumps readers to email For and tickets click here

Geoff Knapp, enjoying his time off the tugboat

Righthander of the day

Glenn Orgias, Bondi's shark attack victim getting back out there

Glenn Orgias, back on his shortboard.

5 thoughts on “Monochromatic

  1. wow you really have to take your hat off to Geoff and his capacity to get back in the surf after loosing a part of his body to a Noah. Man I can’t surf that well with two good hands, all power to you Geoff and great to see support from this website, good work uge, cheers, Dave R – Perth Hacker

  2. Hey Uge, love the pics today,
    I checked out the 7D the other week, looks fantastic
    I had just got a nikon a month ago so not really in the market for one but nevertheless
    have a good day man

  3. Hi Uge, good on you for giving blood, mate.

    Great time to be giving blood right now because the blood bank always gets low after winter (colds and flu rule out a higher proportion of regular donors).

    Apparently giving blood improves your fitness and health because your body has to replenish itself and create more blood cells. So, you’ll paddle faster now!

  4. Feel pretty good today after donating blood. Maybe its all the sugar I ate afterwards!
    Good on ya for getting back out there Glenn. Rippin’ it up out there today. Was thorooghly impressed with your improvement. ::uge

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