Lip tickle


Even though the swell has pushed up into the 3 foot range, a wintery onshore breeze was messin’ with it.

Didn’t really see a decent wave roll through the whole time I was down there (approximately 45 minutes).

I guess that sums it up really. The wind should swing NE which will clean things up…but that’s not until right on dark…do work and wait.

High tide 6am, low tide midday. Water temp 17 degrees. Land temp 23 with cloud increasing.

Hava good day. uge

Patchy sunrise

Little people

Foam chasing

Pama Davies, slappin' mush

One thought on “disheveled

  1. Hey uge,
    sweet shots, I was considering going down this morning but the sky outside my window didn’t look to inviting!
    Have a good one,

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