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Bali in B+W

Happy new year yo’ll…hope 2010 brings you plenty of waves.

Sorry for the random Aquabumps update…had a bit of time to kill, and there are no waves…so I’d thought I’d do something constructive.

I love Bali which is why this is my 26th trip here. The island is packed and new year’s eve was pretty nuts. The traffic is manic and most of the ATMs have run out of green. I guess that would only happen in a country where 100 aussie is an inch thick pile of rupiah notes. Makes you feel rich.

The waves have been pretty dismal and crowded – this is not the best time of year to come and surf here – as it’s wet season – and you mostly have to surf the other side of the island (Nusa Dua side) – BUT you can still find a 3 foot wave on the right tide. But to be honest, driving around when the island is so busy can be a nightmare…so the shorey at Seminyak it is.

Enjoy your holidays. The Aquabumps Gallery reopens this weekend 10am to 6pm after closing for 1 week. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi beach NSW Telephone 02-9130 7788.

Junpa lagi, Kedek Made Uge

Shorey tubes.

Rad bike. I want.

Ok ok, so there are some waves, but you gotta chase em

World's smallest shop 4sqm with a tree growing in the middle of it.

4 thoughts on “Bali in B+W

  1. Sorry Uge,to get critical ,about your wonderful free email service and photos,but just had to respond to today’s one from Bali.
    Bali is blue (and green) it shimmers with loveliness and warmth and friendliness – black and white just doesn’t cut it!

    Otherwise,thank you for some fabulous pics of Bondi,in 2009,looking forward very much to seeing what happens on that beach,through your eyes and lens,in 2010.
    Happy New Year to you!

    Warm regards ,
    from Deborah.

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