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Nusa Lembongan

Ok so we’re having a few I.T. problems to start 2010. You may have received last week’s update from Bali today (Monday), oh and maybe twice. Sorry to clog up your inbox. Also a few readers are receiving fake emails from Aquabumps.com – well our I.T. division on level 2 are sorting that out as well. So here is the REAL daily update for today…

The little Indonesian island paradise of Bali attracted 2.5 million visitors in 2009, source: Bali’s Central Statistics Agency (BPS). Australian’s make up 17.3 percent of these visitors. That’s a total of 432,500 Aussies running around mad on Bali every year, packing the bars in Bintang singlets. It felt like 400,000 were here for NYE – it was rammed. The amazing thing is that only 12.5 kilometres off the east coast of Bali lies the cruisy, uncommercialized, uncrowded island of Nusa Lembongan. Lembongan is 8 square kilometres in size with a permanent population of 5,000 (mainly fishermen + seaweed farmers). It’s true island style…no cars, and scooters are the only means of going out the back of the island to the pristine beaches. It’s pretty similar to Rottnest in WA except it’s offshore for most of the day (and you can charter a boat for half day for only $30).

It’s wet season, which isn’t the best time of year to surf the big stuff, but if you want consistent 3 foot in crystal clear blue water – this is your place. Today Shipwrecks, the most well known right on the island put on a wave for some big names such as ex pro WCT surfer Brad Gerlach and Tipi “ Tiger“ Jabrik. (photos coming)

Tips: I am staying at Batu Karang luxury villas, an Australian family operation which have the best accommodation on the island. www.batukaranglembongan.com or contact owner Troy Sinclair for more information. The views from the top villas are insane. 2 Frenchies have started a great restaurant on the beach called Indiana Kenanga – must see. You’ve got to hire a scooter for $5 and ride out the back of the island to see Dream beach – one of the best setups I’ve seen in ages, the bar, made from whatever they found lying around is super low key and good for a sunset drink.

Enough Tourist Bureau ramble, I hear it’s been wet back in Bondi and not much swell…today (Monday) it should go offshore in the late afternoon/evening (NE) and south swell pump into Bondi. Until then – onshore goop. Seeya, uge

View from my room last night.

This kid throws and air on every wave

How good does this look?

Amazing coloured water

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  1. Yep, agree, we stayed at one of their villa’s – the sunsets must have gotten the better of me as I proposed to my girlfirend Grace at Batu Kerang!….great memories.

  2. Thanks for the info, where can you hire the scooters for 5 bucks? we leave for Nusa Lembongan in couple of weeks 😀 YEW

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