Super vis and lush coral formations

Island Style

Last day on Nusa Lembongan, Bali…

There is currently a tiny swell running, but the reefs still put on a wave with the incoming tide. When the tide changes here I’ve never seen so much current – apparently it’s due to the deep water trenches between Nusa Penida and Lombok (just around the back) where water moves at 7 knots! You literary have trouble driving a boat into the current. Good way of clearing the peak though…

Amazing snorkelling out the back of the island with lush coral formations and super clear vis. See you back in Bondi…

Junpa lagi :: Kedek Made Uge

PS – Hit up Batu Karang Luxury Villas if you’re looking for a surf trip where you can bring the family/partner (it’s where I am right now). Email Troy Sinclair (the owner) directly and he will sort it all out for you…

Bali's top dog, Tipi Jabrik

Brad Gerlach, ex pro wct surfer

Punting for the heavens


10 thoughts on “Island Style

  1. those Tipi Jabrik and Punting for the heavens shots are awesome! are you going to frame them up? think i might have to put in an order for one!

  2. Hey uge,Got my first trip over to Bali in April. Got any tips on where to eat? I’m coming over from the uk.
    Cheers john

  3. Hey uge – currently in Bali staying at the samaya. Would love to catch up if you are coming back through this way. Let me know & I will make contact. Cheers pilko

  4. Hey uge I was wondering what camera you use to take these photos an also if you know I the gopro surf is a good mounted camera. Thanks

  5. You should not name the beaches Uge. Look what happened to dreamland!
    Let people do their own searching. If they are really desperate to know let them contact you individually. This planet is getting very overcrowded and the more we discover the more we ruin.

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