Bomb out the back, fat though.


Decent sized swell is wasted in the Eastern Suburbs. We just don’t have the infrastructure to hold it. A.k.a reefs, a river mouth, or a decent chunk of sand or artificial reef.

Bondi was a wobbly, wonky, manky 4-5 foot. I sat there for 1.5 hrs looking for a single decent one – and na, nuttin’. Most of the other beaches just looked big (6 ft), fat and random…so be prepared to paddle around in circles. I’d drive far away, in search of a protected reef.

Wind is going more north as you read this. That’s a good thing, let’s hope it lines up a little better. High tide 2pm, low tide 8am.

Fortunately there is a dead east swell all weekend with favourable winds. Get out there, with the Inter Club challenge on this weekend up at Gold Coast, all good surfers will be leaving their local post clearing the peak.

Aquabumps is open all weekend 10am to 6pm and you’ll find our long gallery at 151 Curlewis Street Bondi beach – still lost?

Let’s get to know each other

For years now I’ve been pumping out this daily email to thousands of people and you know a lot more about me than I know about you. I’d like to improve the Aquabumps experience and hear your feedback – what you like, dislike…please complete the Official Aquabumps Survey and you could win one of my $1050 acrylic artworks from the gallery. Don’t worry, the info gathered will between you and I, and I’m not selling it on the black market…so…can I have 5 mins of your time seeing it’s Friday and fill out this survey. Thanks heaps.
Adios, uge

Speedie inside section


Rogue bomb set at southy

Early morning drizzle and darkness

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