Fine and 35 degrees in Adelaide!


Sydney needed a good hosing down…and 4 days straight of pouring rain should do it… enough already! Trying to shoot out of the ‘abduction van’ side door ain’t easy in the rain. Only got a couple of shots of a decent left at Bondi that seems to be a rideable 2 ft with 3 ft infrequent sets. We still have east swell hittin’, so Maroubra should be bigger – but still junkie. It’s dropping off further tomorrow and there won’t be much to surf all week. It’s going to continue to rain though.

Yesterday I was in Adelaide, where it’s clear skies and 35 bakin’ degrees. No surf though. Nice to get out the rain!

Aquabumps Survey

Thank you to the thousands of crew who have completed our Aquabumps survey last Friday. Really appreciate it. It’s great to learn more about you. Some interesting results like 67% of the readers are male (it used to be around 85% male last time we surveyed), most of you read my ramble and not just look at the pretty pictures (weird), and there is a lot more of you on the northern beaches than I thought…oh, and you want to see more pictures of me?!@# (that’s not going to happen, not unless I crack my head open again). If you haven’t completed the survey, please do so and you could win a $1050 acrylic artwork from our gallery to hang above your sofa.

Have a good week :: uge

The jetty - probably the most popular beach in Adelaide


Nik Weber, Layne Beachley (x7 World Surfing Champ), Big Wave Dave

Left every now and then.

9 thoughts on “Glenelg

  1. SA!! you rarely get waves at glenelg, except on a big SW… but then you’d head down to myponga for a few lefts… should have kept heading west to yorkes… nice colors, cold beers, down there

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