Vivid Bondi


The swell is dissipating – and so is the rain – alleluia. Bondi had a weak, floppy 1-2 foot wave this morning – with a large number of people out. It’s not going to get any better for a while so best utilize what’s on offer with a large chunk of fibreglass e.g. Mal, Fish.

Half asleep, in the dark I rolled down the hill around 6am, it was raining and cloudy – didn’t think the sunrise was going to pull through when boom, shards of colour erupted on the horizon. Good lens fodder, hope you saw the sunrise this morning.

Winds are NE at the moment and the sunshine is out – great beach day down at Bondi with a top of 27 degrees.

In our recent survey, it seems most of you are using iphones. I hope you’ve all gone to your AppStore and downloaded the AQUABUMPS app. It’s free! Oh, and our facebook page has nearly 4,000 of you interacting with it. Join

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Adios, uge

Bomb set out the back - shame about the banks

Jono, there everyday, even if 1-2 foot.

Andrzej Kowalski (there, I finally spelt your name right)

Just sitting on a rock

8 thoughts on “Vivid

  1. Uge, “Vivid Bondi” is seriously one of your best shots ever! Amazing!! Keep it rolling. Cheers from Singapore, Cornelius

  2. Uge, I am awed by your image “Just sitting on a rock”. God is a magnificent artist — beyond the power of all . adjectives to describe, and you are a wonderful artist to capture His artwork and share it with us all for our enjoyment. Merci beaucoup for making it available for us all to enjoy.
    Before we return to PNG where we normally live I must make my way to Bondi and enjoy your whole qallery. Perhaps I shall even lash out and do what I have never done — buy an image to hang in our home 🙂

  3. I’m actually so happy to be able to say I was there when you shot that first photo
    mind blowing stuff.
    Mine were nothing, NDs had all salty water crap on them..
    great stuff uge.

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