'Shadow Walkers' - walk into the light


Ahh what a day. Nice, hot ‘n’ muggy. Max 28 degrees with light winds tending nor-easterly later. We still have a small east swell in town, it’s only 1 foot at Bondi and barely surfable, 2-3 foot at Maroubra. Not a lot of quality on offer – the 6:50am full high tide is concealing anything resembling a decent wave. Looked really bumpy.

Yesterday’s sunrise image ‘Vivid’ stirred up quite a bit of interest. Emails from all over the world.

If you can’t wait until 11am (when the Aquabumps daily arrives), try our Facebook page for the latest and greatest (and you can play amoungst yourselves)

Go for a swim if you have time today…


Andrzej Kowalski - this dude gets around

Carving the fat off a high tide blob.

*Bra Girls

Shorey glory

7 thoughts on “Muggy

  1. Shadow Walkers.

    Excellent shot Uge !!

    What I love about it is the perspective lines/shadows which all go back to the sun.

    Looks like a drawing of sorts…

    ; )

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