Safe from the southerly, few peaks on offer - Beau Mitchell


Mornin’. In our recent survey one of our learnings is that a large portion of you live over the northern beaches. Try get over there a bit more.

Today comes to you from Manly, the land of the tall pines. Always a good place to hide from the shredding southerlies which are currently blowing tumbleweed down George Street. There was the odd fat 3 footer out there…quite bumpy.

Winter conditions are here, and the south swell is building. Should be up around 5-6 foot by night fall, but the winds are a problem. Southerly onshores through to next week. Boo.

Bondi was a mess this morning. Don’t bother.

At least there will be a few lips for the Boost Air Sho that starts tomorrow.

Broken clouds for the morning walkers

Big set, but no where to go

Illuminated storm clouds

They like their volleyball over dere.

5 thoughts on “Pines

  1. Anyone know of a good vacation rental where I can do some surfing? I’m trying to go in dec. Thanks. George. USA / new jersey

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