Jordy, punting in the middle

Jordy Smith at Bondi

“It’s been a long time between drinks for a contest at Bondi, since ’88. I like Bondi a lot, it’s cool. It’ll be fun to be there and have a contest. It doesn’t sorta happen there very much. Usually its Rod Kerr running around the beach in his Speedos. But the rest of us are going to show up and wear our trunks. We’ll see you there.” said Kelly Slater, 9 time world champ.

Yes yes yes. The Boost Surf Sho begins down at Bondi today and finishes on Sunday. Talented sky pilots popping airs all over the place this morning – regardless of the horrendous 2 foot onshore slop. It’s quite a humbling experience when big names like Travis Logie and Jordy Smith are surfing your local. On a wave you’ll barely get going on, they’re bustin’ the back end out landing in reverse. Spectacular…

So what’s the deal I hear you say (and those 20 people emailing me asking wha’ts happening)? Today they’re running the juniors until 3pm. Tomorrow they reckon it will start at 8am with Round 1, then celebrity challenge until 1pm, 1-2:30pm semis, 2:30-3pm preso. Sunday holds the finals, wheel rounds, jetski expression sessions (HOT) and bands….but best you read their site for more info. Yes girls, Kelly Slater is here and sipping latte’s at Gusto’s, keep your undies on. Jordy, Taj, Owen Wright are all here also! WOW! So best be in Bondi this weekend – and since you’re around, drop by the Aquabumps Gallery – 151 Curlewis Street Bondi (still lost?)

We will be doing some updates over the weekend and latest info on our Facebook page – become a fan and get the inside. Aquabumps will be shooting the Jetski expression session from the chopper on Sunday, to get a unique angle on the giant punts.

Adios, :: Ugios

PS – there was a small earthquake off Seal Rocks last night (3.25am). It lasted a few seconds and registered 3.4 on the Richter scale. Think all is fine.

Big name, Jordy Smith, not happy with the 2ft onshore

Max Ayshford warming up

Bustin' the back end out

Travis Logie from Sth Africa blowing up

2 thoughts on “Jordy Smith at Bondi

  1. 16274 heaps closer to what you usually shoot uge, great stuff.
    second pic is the most amazing exposure.. did that with a tilt shift or what?
    should be a great weekend, hope conditions improve.
    whats the deal with photogs, is it a ‘press pass’ only do?

    have a good arvo

  2. Nice close shots this morning, Uge.
    What lens? Long one? New one?
    Or did you swim out there again?

    Keep it up. Later. Christoph

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