Owen Wright, punting his way to the top


What an incredible weekend of surfing at Bondi. Overloaded. All memory cards are full of tantalising heavenly punts…I have never had my finger on the trigger as much as the past 48 hours. In every direction I looked someone was bustin’ a tail out, doing a flip or was just walking around being a world champion.

So you all know Owen Wright, the sky pilot from Lennox took the $25k loot in finals yesterday. He was awarded a 9.8 with a massive front side punt. Huge crowd banked up all the way to the top of the grass. What a great atmosphere…lucky the waves came good for the finals, as Saturday was embarrassing how bad it was – onshore week 2 foot slush…

Keen to hear all your stories and thoughts of the Boost Surf Sho here.

Today there are waves, good ones too. It’s all cleaned up now that the carnival has moved out of town. Get out there on the low tide.

More photos of the Boost Surf Sho on our facebook page (I am still copying half the shots to the server, so more to come)

Adios, uge

PS – I have a spare spot on a Mentawai Charter 8-20 May 2010. If you’re a good bloke, can surf, and are low maintenance then this trip may be for you…contact

Owen Wright, a crowd pleaser

Kelly Slater - freaky flips behind Fanning

Biggest crowds I've seen at Bondi

Chopper shot, a fresh angle

9 thoughts on “Overloaded

  1. The crowds at the weekend must make it apparent to organisers of these events that it makes sense to hold competitions close to large crowds rather than just at the best breaks. It’s hard to believe that an annual ASP event at Bondi could not help raise the profile of the sport. I didn’t think the waves looked spectacular but they definitely had the #$@# surfed out of every inch of them, and it still made for good spectating.

  2. Talk it up! I can see why there has not been a contest @ Bondi since 1988! Great marketing exercise for the sponsors and something to do for the surfers on their way from Snapper to Bells I guess. The action was too few and far in-between… Good afternoon to bask in the warm Autumn sun though.

    1. Hey Thom, thanks for the feedback. I thought it was fantastic. Curious, why wouldn’t you want to watch the world’s greatest surfers in your front yard? If you want peace and quiet then Bondi ain’t gonna give you that….is it all the people that you don’t like?

  3. what a good weeken. Got a cool interveiw with fuel tv….pretty good, mate came up to me and said they saw my friend and i on tv…great weekend!nice to see some of the top surfers on our home beach!

  4. The problem with having an ASP event in Bondi is that you want to see the pros in good surfing conditions (and they want the same). Bondi is not going to give you that. Think that this year they’ve removed Mundaka from the roster as it has been finally judged too fickle, in comparison Bondi has no chances to make it! Also, as said in the newsletter, it would have been pretty lame to have the finals in the same conditions than what was on display on Saturday. So the mobile boost has been lucky this year but with a three days window it might not be the case next year… Now this being said, it is of course a pleasure to see the pros rip your local spot, see them place an air where you wouldn’t have thought it possible!

    Finally, Uge I’m sure you’re a much better surfer than I am but just so you know (as one of your comment seemed to imply the contrary), it is actually easier to land an aerial reverse than straight, as the rotation is natural when you launch, whereas going straight requires much more balance and technicality.

    Good surfing, I can’t wait to hear from you that a good autumn swell has arrived !

  5. Hey Tom, thanks for writing in. I would never expect a WCT ASP tour stop at Bondi…yep, the waves just ain’t good enough to run a event like that (like Mundaka). But an Air Show is a different story. Most of the waves close out at Bondi, so you can do a air, if it’s not fat (high tide). I don’t do airs, so just going off what the rippers tell me. one good thing about Bondi is that it does get plenty of swell – especially when the southerlies roar. So I think a air show, like the weekend works well. Short, sweet comp, high impact that the crowds love. And boy oh boy – we may not have waves, but we have plenty of people that’s for sure. Yeah good for sponsors etc, but great vibe. Stoked that Boost put it on…spoke to them today and they’re happy with the weekend so hope it comes back next year bigger.

    With regards to airs…think you mean Frontside va backside…well, I don’t do either, so will let someone write in that does them. cheers and have a good day, uge

  6. Definitely had an entertaining weekend. Great surfing with great surfers. I was on edge each day because of the probable embarassment of the typical Bondi wave, but the waves did come for 2/3 days. Very inspiring to see what the pros did to our waves given the conditions. Big props to the organizers for providing such a great atmosphere for the crowds and competitors. Extremely proud to say that I had the chance to see Kelly, Mick, and Taj(future world champion?) surf our break. Also big respect to all the other competitors for showing what is possible at our break. Great comp, great Bondi weekend, but I wouldn’t want to make an annual thing of it. Felt kind of warm and fuzzy everytime the announcers thanked the locals for letting them borrow our break for the weekend. Oh yeah, snuck a few sessions in after the comps. Didn’t surf like the pros but in my mind I did! Great jobs guys.

  7. I have a very keen 10 year old girl who is surf mad. She loved the day and didnt take her eye off the surf except to get a free slushy. I hope we see more events at the our beautifu Bondi beach….what a beach, what an event.

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