Lone surfer at Dawn


Special kind of day today – a cracker. Light offshores (w) with plenty of sunshine. Small 1-2 foot waves (surfable on mals and fishes).Warm land temps with a max of 26…ah yes, a perfect day to be down the beach. The current plague of jelly fish in town are reaping havoc amongst swimmers…still.

Incredible sunrise…I had a meeting in the city at 7am. Was torturous leaving so much colour in the revision mirror. Got the start of the pre-dawn glow. See uncropped sunrise shot

As the wave period steps up you may get a slight improvement tomorrow…Friday arvo should be better. Hang tight.

Later, ::uge

Dawn tones

Shorey glory - small, fun on the big boards

Taj Burrow letting it all hang out

Jordy Smith - freak. (note: 1 foot wave)

11 thoughts on “Dawn

    1. Gee – thanks everybody. Shame I had to take off. Make sure you click on the link to the uncropped panoramic version.

  1. Thanks was an amazing morning. We’ve been getting so many good sunrises lately, and you don’t have to get up too early to enjoy them – 6:30am is all! bingo. come down.

  2. robert b s tan ,robertbstan@hotmail.com , this is uncle robert from malacca, just to tell you ,all the photos you sent to me were beautyful shots i love them , i have save them in my notebook,i like the shot you took at singapore sentosa ( video ) surfing ,i think i saw you and your brother at the background, i wish you can sent me a beauty shot of you surfing .you have done an awsome job keep it up.thank you bye bye.

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