The beheading

Autumn Chill

The first morning in months where you could feel that autumn chill in the air. Coulda done with a jumper.

Water is still warm, waves are still 1-2 foot, clean, crisp and playful.

Tomorrow the waves should pick up in the afternoon, Friday will be a 3 foot playground and the weekend has some new NE swell hitting with force. Sunday, mmm Sunday has got something decent cooking. ‘Tis about time.

Until then, enjoy the amazing autumn weather, go lie out on the grass at lunch.

We have found that 1 guy for our Mentawai boat trip. Ta.

Got sent this from one of our readers – amazing.

Flags in the autumn breeze

Shaun Greenblo - frothin'

Alex Tucker, clean hooks

Jono, always out - every single day!

5 thoughts on “Autumn Chill

  1. amazing autumn days love it,
    i’ve seen soem guys climbing the rope on saturday at north bondi, does anyone know what is this? some kind of komikadze school?

  2. Just giving some warning my car was stolen at bondi beach carpark. Be aware of stashing your keys anyone could be watching. Cheers.

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