Streaky skies over the old clubhouse

Rip Bowls

Hola. Nice little wave breaking down at Bondage – nasty rip sucking you out to Ben Buckler though. That kept me busy all morning whilst swimming with zee camera. Hard to stay in one place.

Waist high/2 footers rockin’ in. Water is warm, no wind, and plenty of sunshine to enjoy the dregs of summers.

Swell will switch to NE (must be all that activity up off QLD)…and should build.

High tide midday, low tide 5:30am. Max 27 degrees (nice).


A few weeks ago thousands of you completed a survey to help us steer the Aquabumps empire in the right direction. Thank you for all that participated. Great info. Now, we promised a $1050 acrylic from the Aquabumps gallery to one lucky winner who filled in the data…and the winner is Aidan Beanland from Northern Beaches. Nice one.

Sam the Fruit Man

Every week I get a fruit’n’veg box off local surfer Sam Reid. He drives out to the big markets to get the fresh stuff and then drops if off at your door. Good service. Now doing Sonoma bread too! More

Amazing, the old hollow wave in 1 hr, and here he is.

Robin Austin, loving the rip bowls

Sky writing

Jono, frontside rip chasing

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