9 people paddling for this 'wave'


The ocean looked a little lethargic this morning. The swell period pushed up but waves were smaller than yesterday. Bondi had a weak, dribbly 1-2 footer at sunrise (7am)…loads of crew flappin’ around in search of their very own bump. Swell seems to be in the middle of switching from south to nor-east…as later in the day something new should arrive and peak at 3 feet (NE).

Loads of cyclone activity up north as Ului comes close to the Queensland coastline. May I suggest driving far north this weekend. The further up you go the better.

We will still get waves in Sydney, especially on Sunday where you may see a wave as big as 5 foot. In fact most places in Australia will have waves this weekend.

The 3 big surf shops in Bondi along Campbell parade are having a big sale this weekend. That’ll be Rip Curl, Bondi Surf Co. and Bondi Underground. 30-50% off boards, wetties, clothes. Go sort yourself out. Friend up with their fan page to get the latest deals.

…and we’re open all weekend, as usual 10am to 6pm Sat/Sun…that’s the Aquabumps Gallery…that long skinny driveway that we converted into a gallery.

Good bye. ::uge (pronounced yooj)

The crowds from the heli

Jordy Smith, foam blastin'

What a nice morning...get out there?

The left in the middle - take the mal

4 thoughts on “Sluggish

  1. Glad to see you got a shot of the biggist wave hog of the day , (the left in the middle take a mal) Here’s an idea let a set go past try spreading some good vibes. people like this make Bondi mornings suck

  2. Gret shots Uge, just got back from the UK so even small waves making me happy!

    Good point made by Catherine. It’s the mal riders hogging sets that cause all the aggro and bad vibes out there. It turns us short boarders to dropping in on each other for waves, share the stoke greedy mal riders! there are others out there too!

    1. Hey Catherin and Swanno…thanks for commenting. I reckon if you guys feel strongly about it – talk to the culprit. I do if mals are out the back and not sharing.

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