Liquid Glass

m i x e d b a g

Late one I know…oops. Got a lil’ distracted.

The day started out with clouds and glassy 1 footers.

Now it’s glassy 1 footers and sunny. (top of 26 degrees)

Tomorrow sunny, warm. (top of 26 degrees)

Wed sunny warm…(top of 26 degrees)

Thursday, sunny and warm…(top of 25 degrees)

And then…

A sunny and warm day on Friday – who would have thought such good weather is possible at this time of the year.

What a week, except there are no waves to be had. Doubt you’ll surf anything about waist high until next week. Take the Mal.

Adios, :: uge

Shorey Curves

Icebergs - 1st dip

For 11 years I've seen this guy walking every morning

Still, glassy, tiny...

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