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A pink glow seeped under my bedroom blind…and I knew it was going to be a cracker morning. What a shame it was all over by the time I donned the boxers and rolled down the hill with one eye sealed. For the next hour I was questioned by the early risers “did ya get it…did ya get it?” Nope I missed ‘it’. No matter, we’re having a good run of classy sunrises lately and there will be more.

There are waves too. Small ones…mainly in the 2 foot range with the odd 3 footer. Super clean conditions, initially overcast but now clear, max 25 degrees. Enjoy autumn paradise.

Tomorrow looks interesting kids, a southerly ground arrives and you’ll be surfing 4-5 footers BUT the wind will disrupt play – early.

I rate Hawaii, and by the looks of my inbox, so do you. We’ve released some of the best images from the trip for sale after the first test prints came back and looked great. You can order them online here if you’re interested. Plenty more coming and a little show in the white tunnel ain’t far away (the gallery).

This vid from Critical Sliders is worth distracting you from work.

Enough rambles, back to work :: uge

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Early Risers

Whilst its rare, it does happen - Bondi Tube

Rama fades Phil Hall as a beginner struggles in 4grd

Nice left. This guy got pretty excited about it.

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