Small bondi can be a bit hectic for me...

Freedom Town

Welcome to freedom town where the waves are small (knee to waist high) and every wave is a team wave. Some bumps had 8 mini mal wielding wild childs rippin’ it up. Pure chaos as loose boards flung in each direction. Be careful out there – today is more dangerous than 8 foot Bondi.

My my…a nice day ahead with 26 degrees and northerly winds. If only there was some swell. (tomorrow it should arrive but not a good direction for Bondi). Hang in there…

Random stuff:

  • Bondi Rescue just won another Logie last night – their 3rd now (Most Popular Factual Program). Well done boiz!
  • We’re having a pop-up cinema in the gallery rear yard on Thursday night 6th May 2010 at 6:30pm (as part of the BONDI Sizzle). Um can’t fit you all in, maybe some but come! Will be showing surf movies projected on one of the walls whilst drinking Peroni and Jed’s Wines. (only goes for 2hrs)
  • Homesick : I am always amazed where this daily Aquabumps slab of Bondi ends up over the past 11 years. It seems you can take the boy out of Bondi, but not the Bondi out of the boy. Take RoadShow Pictures big cheese Joel Pearlman…apparently he can’t start his day without a daily Bondi fix. Hey Joel! Water is ONLY 23 degrees today here in Bondi dammit!…a tad colder than the 24 degrees on Saturday. Bit like Port Melbourne today?

Cloud Clutter

team wave

Corner Dribbles

Cloud Fragments

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