freak set...south Bondi corner


Not sure what to make of the surf this morning. It’s a concoction of Southerly and Nor-Easterly swell (as Bondi to Bronte seem to be attracting something from different angles). Really nothing special on offer though… Clean conditions… just not enough swell. Cloudy periods, NW winds and the odd shower today (Max 22 degrees).

Bondi Sizzle is this weekend. Basically there is a whole pile of events going down in the area…for example, 92 garage sales in Bondi. A pirate foamie comp (download entry form here) or a Aquabumps pop up surf film cinema in my backyard (tomorrow night). Check out for all the deets.

Have a good day – best crank out the work today. In fact this week doesn’t look great for surfing (that’s why we’re heading to the Mentawais!) Adios, ::uge

Morning rotuals

morning paddle

chest high set wave, lacking grunt

Bondi Pavillion

3 thoughts on “Crossover

  1. Hey,
    Your photos are AWESOME!
    Do you use a filter on the camera or just work the image later? The colours are really great.

  2. ah those bins! had major discussions with council over the bin removal! most of us think it is totally stupid. But I learned that no bins actually ‘educates all those beach goers to become envirnomentally more responsible” . Wow. Am sure Mayor Betts has never stuck her head in the bay with goggles. And she should see how many kids need first aid with glas in their feet since… just a totally silly idea.

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