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Selmat Pagi.

Welcome to the Mentawai islands. We’ve been here together quite a few times now…(our 12th trip can you believe it?) If you don’t already know, the Mentawais lie 200 kilometres from Padang, Sumatra (the port that got hit by a large earthquake last year).

The Mentawais is a series of wave blessed islands that capture raw Indian Ocean swells created in the southern roaring forties (the Lows off Africa). By the time swells reach here, they’ve been groomed for days – weeks…hence the super long swell periods (today is 16 seconds in between waves) and ultra clean lines. This is a very good thing and why surfers from all over the globe travel to this remote part of the world.

The best way to tour these islands is on a charter boat. Therefore you get a good taste of the 34 surf breaks. (Within a 100 mile radius). We’re currently a float on Tengirri. Been chartering this boat for 5 years now as it’s small, fast and only holds a small crew (less people in the water).

Our first day was unbelievable. Anchor dropped at a vicious, shallow, lethal right hander. Sets hit the 6 – 8 foot range…barrels from up the top of the reef all the way throw. Spectacular. After 1 broken board and a few lacerations – we now roll on to another break…

Junpa lagi :: uge

PS. These updates are via Telstra Satellite…how good is that! Thanks Telstra.

Caleb Reid, big big big set

Caleb Reid, 1st session, fining tuning btube riding skills

foam chamber

Jim Olivier dropping into the pit

9 thoughts on “Mentawais

  1. Mate, shot 1 is awesome, shot 2 made my stomach drop, and shot 3 perfect. Well done. Loved it.

  2. Look after Blakey while he is up there. Blue Rocket needs him in one piece back in Oz..
    Enjoy… looks like a a legendary trip in the making
    All the best to everyone up there
    Leigh ‘Gromett on a long board’ F.

  3. Caleb – auntie Pix here- hope you are wearing 30+ sunscreen. Looking good – ahead by a nose! XXX00XX

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