Caleb Reid, bustin out


Hi there. Hope the claws of winter haven’t dug deep in our absence…

Over here it’s 30 degrees, glassy with 3-4 foot waves. Our boat has anchored up for the day against a remote left hander. A playful wave with a easy going take off and forgiving reef….(not like yesterday). It was a nice change to ride waves that don’t put the fear of god into ya.

Swell is declining, so we’re heading to swell magnets for a few days.

Sempurna (sem-purrr-na)…or perfect in English.

Adios, uge

P.S. If you’ve ever wanted to learn to dive, Sydney based company Our Deal is giving you a great deal, $130 to Learn to Scuba Dive! Plus a mask, snorkel, flippers and boots, yours to keep. Value at $675.

John Blake flaring on his frontside

The locals

Paradise Beach

Caleb Reid, showing off to the boys in the boat (Tengirri)

2 thoughts on “Sempurna

  1. Great shot of Blakey in action..
    Yes.. it bucketed with rain here in Perth last night and I’m sitting with ugg boots and beanie on..
    Nice work boys.. enjoy..
    Thanks to the wonders of the Telstra satellite we can enjoy them vicariously with you
    All the best

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