Caleb Reid, flying high in the jungle

Jungle Feeva

Uge has taken the bold move of inviting me to write today’s update. I’m standing in the wheel house of the Tengirri after just surfing perfect 3 foot rights at “burger world” on day 4 of our boat charter.

Here’s how you really know you’re on a boat trip…

You’re taking more naps during the day than a new born baby and you’re still tired.

Your chocolate habit is back with a vengeance and even though you’re surfing 4 times a day you’re pretty sure you’re putting on weight.

You’ve learnt stuff about your boat mates that they’ve probably never revealed to anyone in their entire lives.

Your room mate keeps asking if “you need anything from your room” then disappears with your SPF30 for 20 minutes with the door closed.

You celebrate getting one bar of reception on your phone, as you balance on the roof of the boat holding your mobile in the air like the statue of liberty.

So far everything’s going to schedule…

Guest frother, John Blake

Caleb Reid

an unexpected barrel at dusk

Tom Bird, loving burgers

Jim Olivier, taking time out from Hongkers

5 thoughts on “Jungle Feeva

  1. Uge, what are you still doin there? I heard the swell is pumpin up the NSW coast right now!

  2. Nice one Blakey
    While you’re having some great waves I’m putting an order form together for a seminar tomorrow night with Roberta..
    Will keep you posted on the Super Closer Strategy

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