Even when there is no waves, he still finds them

No Show

I was surprised to see the inbound swell hasn’t arrived yet as the period jumps from 6.3 secs (4am) to 13.4 secs (10am) and then onto a heavy 18 secs (10pm) by tonight. In simple terms that should mean a new ground swell flowing into Sydney – where is it? Maybe check it later. Should be some fun ones over the weekend.

At the moment its 1 foot, very hard to surf unless you’re 2 foot high and 20 kilos.

I made a mistake in yesterday’s report and slapping myself as I write this. jhzdsfjshdfkjsdsdsSSFWHRTJTYTVBs. There IS a Ice Skating Rink being installed on Bondi beach 16th July – 24th July. The rink is NOT on the sand, but on the grassed area near the pavilion. So the bulldozer is NOT related to the Skating Rink…apologies, we’ve sacked the work experience kid,…the ‘dozer is quite simply creating a massive vege patch for us all live a subsistence existence.

Come see us at the Aquabumps Gallery over the weekend 10am to 6pm (Saturday or Sunday) 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach (just look for the huge yellow building crane and we’re behind it). Still lost? We’ve got some new artworks from Hawaii, Manly, Curly, Freshie and the salubrious Mentawais.

Ok, back to work :: uge


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3 thoughts on “No Show

  1. Is the dozer flatting sand to prepare for the city to surf? They normally build the tents on the beach soon. Been out of town for 5 years – does that still happen?

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