Lone wolf chasing down the line

fruity monday

After a successful weekend of south swell it’s tapered off somewhat this morning. Halved me thinks. Bondi had a 2-3 foot wave, little wonky but mostly fun as not many people were out (brr). The rain has now set in after threatening rain clouds circled the bay all morning. The great news is that we’ve got a good supply of small south swell all week to play with.

Surf the Mentawais on Tengirri

Mentawai charter boat Tengirri is now organising 2011 tours. It’s a great boat, has to be… otherwise I wouldn’t have hired it 6 consecutive years in a row. So bang out a group email to all your frothing mates and book in for next year. You won’t regret it. Go to www.tengirri.com to find out more about the boat and next year’s tour schedule. Alternatively email anthony@tengirri.com. Oh and there is 4 spots on a tour going Nov 20 2010. Cruisy father and son looking to ride some uncrowded perfection with other like minded people.

Wobbly set in the corner

Threatening rain clouds circling the bay

'falling water'

Freighter dropins.

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