Ben Lucas - rippin'


’twas one of those nice warm winter mornings where a swim wasn’t out of the question. The waves are still flat and the skies fat with clouds. Looking forward to tomorrow’s new east swell – that’s for sure…not much else to write about until then.

Here a few snaps from my last week’s Kimberley’s red dirt mission. Sure is big that million acre El Questro, those gorge’s are amazing.

Mentawai Charter Boat Tengirri is now taking bookings for 2011 (and there is the odd spot still available in Aug/Nov 2010).

If you own a iPhone hope you’ve downloaded our app! Just go to the appstore and type in AQUABUMPS. It’s a freebie!

Adios, uge

I'd be heading north on that

Corner splash

The only way to find a decent Barra

The Chamberlain Gorge

3 thoughts on “Repeat

  1. I know it’s a losing cause, but I’m not giving up. Why are the web and the apostrophe in mortal combat, and why is the web winning?
    It’s a simple plural. Those gorges are amazing. Like those waves, or those girls are amazing. Not those gorge’s.
    Great site!

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