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Kinda of an odd day. We’ve got leftover East swell which has been beaten by the westerly wind stick overnight and fading fast…then later a new south swell will hit bringing the goods. I like the look of tomorrow at South facing beaches. Maroubra had a little chilly wave on offer early today (2ft) with some nice light’n’colours. I wouldn’t dash off from work to surf it though. Perhaps wait until tomorrow or later today.

Sober Sam

I have a mate, Sam. He’s quite annoying at the moment. He’s grumpy, angry, irritable, and…well, just not much fun to be around. I found out why – DRY JULY. Yep, the little ferret is off the booze for the whole of July trying to clear his head and raise money for cancer. I’m counting down the days to August.

Ice addicts at Bondi

Ever wondered what it’s like to check the surf at Bondi in your tights waving a girl above your head whilst on Ice? (See last photo in today’s report) Well here’s your chance…from 16th to 25th July you can get on Ice down at Bondi. A 500 sqm ice skating rink has been installed called the ‘Bergstation’. I checked it out yesterday, impressive. Massive bar down there and you can knock back a few mulled wines in true alpine fashion. You need to buy tickets online.

I get asked a lot of questions but one of the most common is “Where is that mega hotel you stayed in at Bali on a little island? Where I can surf and my lady can have spa treatments” Answer Batu Karang on Lembongan Island. website

Have a good day, :: u g e (yooj)

Thowing a few buckets off the back here.

I declare this land to be The Bra

Marine Parade lefts

A different way to check the surf.

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  1. Hola

    Batukarang – just got back from there with the wife. Great Island without the usual hawkers you have in Bali and you can see the break from your balcony. That said I don’t even surf but if you want to chill out away from it all with friendly staff and have them take care of everything (pick ups, trips, boats and taxis from bali and airports) then there’s not much better.

    When you see Troy tell him the beard doesn’t do much for his look, though. Makes him look like Ming the Merciless. Without the eye makeup..

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