Green Eyes


Boom! Wow, how’s the thunderstorms last night? Thought Moses was waving that staff around at Mark’s Park. Boom!

Another cold winters morning, the kind that hurts when putting on the rubber. The surf conditions were quite poor this morning – so I’m not really sure why I went out for a swim with my camera. Didn’t get really get any decent surfing shots, just some lone tubes rolling around.

Surfing Suits

Don’t forget tonight there is SurfAid fundraiser at Hugos Lounge in the X (July 21 2010 at 6:30pm). It’s $20 to get in and have a few free Coronas until 8:30pm. See you there. More Info Mofo

That is all kids. Uge

A surfers view of getting barrelled.

Campbell Parade Froth

The Fat Lip

How's that storm cloud...insane.

4 thoughts on “Curvy

  1. No decent surf shots??? That 2nd barrel shot is one of the best i have seen. Awsome – makes me want to surf – uncrowded line up – so glassy.

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