Note to self, don't put City to surf tents up too early

Storm Boy

I like storms.

Sydney has been lashed by a violet south storm overnight. Winds hit 55 knots last night, I thought the windows were going to blow in. What a mess! I drove around this morning documenting all the busted stuff. The City to Surf tents were massacred as the southerly picked them up and threw them onto the walkers path. I found parts of the tents (big parts) strewn in the car park bending all the railing as they blew over. I had a feeling they put the tents up too early this year, you just can’t mess with mother nature!

So the clean-up begins, you’ll find your Sulo bin down the street spewing its contents all over the road. Oh and the swell is huge and onshore. I saw sets around 6-8 foot out the back but you’d be a fool to try and paddle against 40 knots. Go windsurfing instead (with your mouth closed, I’d say the water is pretty dirty with all this run off).

SOYA (Spirit of Youth Awards). If you’re a young creative honk (under 30) in the fields of film/animation, music, photography, fashion, vis comm, vis arts or industrial design perhaps enter the SOYA’s. Entries close midnight 9 August…(soon!)

That Bondi Sizzle Garage Sale Trail has won some reco (Green Globe Award) and is now going national. Seeing it’s raining /onshore and you’re at work looking for distractions perhaps check this quick video to see what all the hooha is about.

Later, :: uge

City to surf tents destroyed.

I saw bikes everywhere like this

Good summary of today.

Sulo Bin O-rgy

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