Surfer vs softsander (Justin + Vaughan Blank)


I wasn’t around for the City to Surf but you sure can tell 100,000 people have been through our neck of the woods…Bondi seems a little ‘worn’.

I also missed the clean swells of yesterday that so many have kindly reminded me of this morning.

It’s dropped back a little, 2-3 foot. Bondi was uncrowded and clean at sunrise. Hate to say it, but those twin bank setups have changed and that turbo rip a distant memory – hence most waves closing out straight along the entire beach. Boo.

Enjoy the weather – amazing :: uge

Corner slider

Icebergs swimmer about to dive in

Backdooring a shorey section

nice morning, some cloud but now clear.

8 thoughts on “Bonditis

  1. Hi Uge,

    I’m a longtime follower of bumps and a big fan. I also pride myself as a bit of an amateur photographer… Out of curiosity, what kind of camera and lens do you use? I would imagine that you have some pretty hefty zoom for a lot of your shots?



  2. Hi Uge

    Thanks for the pic (that’s me in the corner). Nice to get to work and see that. One day I’ll do a turn!
    Cheers, John C

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