The coloured thing above the Pav.


The clouds stole the show this morning… Wow, what an amazing winter’s morning. At 6 a.m. I woke with pink hues pasted on the side of my face – it’s orrrrn! 2 seconds later I made the mad scrambled down the lift in jocks, double parked with lenses rolling around at my feet. I only got the tail end of a very colourful morning – still good though. Hope you saw it.

The waves weren’t as exciting. It’s flat as. Lake Bondi. I’m talking 0.5 foot ripples and only stand up shepherds were out tending to their flock.

Don’t forget this Sunday is the Arts Freedom Rally. This is a big deal for anyone that owns a camera. 10am, Sunday 29th August at Campbell’s Cove. Every big name in photography is going to be there. Read more

Ok, I’m out of here. I am not sure when you’ll hear from me next…but we’ve got some guest writer/photographers for the next few weeks. The Aquabumps gallery is trading as usual every day except Mondays. Contact Gloria or Christian for all your artwork/advertising needs t: 02 9130 7788.

:: uge

Wave of the day

Cloud Sculpture

Told ya, nothing to see here...


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