Caleb riding high in the back of the batcave


Not even Merrick’s media stunt of swimming across Bondi could get me down there this morning. It was bucketing down and a good one to sleep in…onshore 2 foot slop can be a little demotivating.

Rather than subject you to 5 photos shot from the car with the windscreen wipers hammering, here’s some images from our recent Mentawai trip earlier this year. We got H-tees pretty solid/fun. Damn love those islands but they’re so volatile. There always seems to be something going wrong, a mudslide, a volcano eruption, an earthquake or tsunami. The people have nothing and need help with the recent tsunami devastation – so please contribute to the lead agency SURFAID. Read Phil Kiem’s (Owner of Mv Tengirri) account on what happened when the Tsunami hit. He’s been out there for 6 years….knows the islands well.

This weekend expect 2-3 footers around Sydney, mostly east swell but again – strong nuisance winds.

The Aquabumps Gallery is open all weekend 10am to 6pm…time to start ordering your Christmas gifts. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi beach NSW.

Have a great weekend, :: uge

A bomb set about to double.

The people here have very little.

Early morning magic at the right

the slot machines

3 thoughts on “Squall

  1. Great shots as usual Uge – class act. Re the “bomb” pic (second pic on page) – in the background, that’s not you by any chance srambling to safety!?! Whoever it is, I have a feeling the poor bugger would have copped it…Mick

  2. Uge – you should remind people that they’ll get up to half their donation back in tax, might encourage people to dig deeper. I’ve not had any experience in the Mentawi’s yet but surfed Indo a lot years ago and the locals do it hard, but usually do it happy. Keep up the good work dude, we love the blue!

  3. Mick i think your right buddy. The bloke scrammbling would’ve be poo’ing his pants.Caleb would’ve been lining his wave up for the barrel without knowing what was going on up top lol.
    . Gee’s Caleb is a freak of nature the kid should be on the tour! Caleb & Perth are the best surfers on the Eastern Suburbs they just go off & they have a trick bag bigger then Santa.

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