Bigger and better today – and it’s not raining can you believe it! Still junkie, but you’ll find 2 footers around the traps, with the odd 3 footer at north exposed beaches. Wind is going to blow 25 knots from the NE and yep, the outlook is for more rain. I suspect this tiny spike is swell will be short lived and tomorrow will be much smaller again. Been a while since I’ve seen some quality waves around here.

On Sunday 5th December the Bondi to Bronte ocean swim is on. In its 10th anniversary the 2.4 km swim is one of Sydney’s classic races. Entry forms here

Also, on the Sunday 12th December is the BONDI BIG PADDLE. It’s a new event in the area featuring ocean ski’s, paddle boards, stand ups, and surfboard races. There’s 5 gees up for grabs, and Whippet and Liam are putting it on (Bondi Lifeguards). Onya boys. Go here to register I reckon the dash for cash, 250 metre paddle (on boards smaller than 6’6” is the one for me)

Have a good day, uge

Sunshine at last!

Harry Nightingale, Bondi Lifeguard

Morning people

Flavio Filippi

Andrzej Kowalski, in form

Good sized set...bit wonky

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