Hadahaa, Maldives

Where the hell is summer?

It’s not often that rain hinders my morning shoot so much, that I have to show you something else to distract you from your busy day. But hang on, 3 days of rain in a row? It’s real wet and grey outside. Welcome to the first day of summer kids! Where the hell is it then?

Today’s pics are to remind you of what summer is really like – a collection of idyllic paradises that I’ve visited in the past 12 months. There is just so much out there to see…book a plane ticket. I just did! Life’s short and all that.

Forecast – Rain, rain and more rain until mid-next week. And I am not joking. Surfwise we’re getting some NE swell from here on, 1-2 foot mainly – nothing fancy. Go to Hawaii for surfing.

I’ve always wanted to get the tinnie out, drive out to a dead whale, which is being mauled by sharks, in the middle of the Indian ocean off Rotto, in my jeans of course, then jump on the whale’s back and pat the sharks. I mean really…what?


PS – hope you like 7 pics instead of the standard 5. Tell me if it goes slow for ya.

The view of the reef near swimming pools

The world famous "the beach" Maya

The liquid heavens of Thailand

Lizard Island from the helicopter

Snorkelling on the reef out front

Lucy, hard at work

8 thoughts on “Where the hell is summer?

  1. Amazing pictures – not too much on the rain hey Uge – in the West we have drought and a lot pf people hurting but glad to see rain starved east finally getting theirs – and we havent had any waves for some time.

    Love the 7 pictures – keep up the great work.

  2. Yo Uge,

    Hows the bloke and the sharks!!! He looks like he has just had a big night and lost a bet or something. Send some rain WA way. My vegie patch is needing some water love, me tomatoes are suffering.

    Great series as always my friend. If you want any WA photos give us a hoy and i’ll flick you some over the interweb device thingy mijiggy.


  3. Hey Uge,

    Always love your stuff… as a close neighbour of yours I urge you to visit New Caledonia as it is only 2.5h away from Sydney and just as beautiful as all the tropical pics you grace us with…..and more! French culture, developed island and of course great surfing out on the reef!

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