11 year old Peter Kavanagh round house


It’s always a nice surprise to have good weather after expecting dreary rain and greydom. Don’t always believe the hype. The water has that chilly bite to it, 17.9 degrees, but it’s nothing on last Sunday when we visited artic waters (sub 16). Ridiculous wasn’t it.

We’ve got some junky wind chop resembling waves…Bondi was 1-2ish foot, weak, dribbly, floppy and suited to very small people. Tama same with some serious wonk. Just go for a dip or longboard to satisfy your wave quota.

Now you’re probably wondering why tents are going up, semi-trailers unloading in the car park, and very fit people bouncing around Bondi this morning…well, the Kellog’s Nutrigrain Ironman series has hit our beach. The Legends (Leechy, Trevor Hendie, and The Bondi Rescue Team) will race at around 1pm which will also include Libby Trickett. The women are from 2:30pm – 3:30pm and the men from 4:45pm – 6:45pm.

Christmas shopping has never been easier at the Aquabumps Gallery. To start with, we’re open every single day leading up to Christmas. Yes. 10am to 6pm at 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW. Also our popular book that was just launch is on sale for $150…it’s a big A3 book on “A Day at Bondi”. Aerial photos, water shots, big crowds, icy mornings – all in there, an easy pressie. The gallery is fully stocked with artworks from $150 to $3,500. Come see. If you want to order something custom, a specific image in a specific frame, better rock in this weekend – orders close in about 1 week.


Julia in the froth of it.

Tim Atkins, all tuckered out


The right

Little fella raking the leaves off the bottom


4 thoughts on “hype

  1. Please Uge, Stop using this boring filter as seen on images 2,5,7. Its so shit and it makes my eyes hurt . get over it . your photos are good enough as they are . ooooh look everyone looks little . yawn .

    1. Thanks “My Eyes don’t Hurt”…I love the shift stuff. Just trying to do something different. Every surf photographer in the world do all the same stuff, which is so boring. Fisheye in the tube, 600mm on the beach…yawn. I’ve got some new tricks for this summer, so hopefully it will come together. uge

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