Passed out cold, didn't move an inch. Big night.

Silly Season

Summer has finally kicked in and silly season has begun. Scores of people hit the beach yesterday, and some didn’t leave (see exhibit A above, must’ve strolled at of the Bondi hotel at the wee hours, fallen in Hungry Jacks, then passed out on the beach). Onya buddy. Poor fella has probably only been in the country 24hrs.

Not only was the weather orn yesterday, so were the waves. A long interval East swell hit and provided fulfilment into the afternoon. I’d say some of the best waves I’ve seen in weeks and weeks. Hope ya filled those boots up. Unfortunately it was short-lived and already fading this morning (2-3 foot), still fun to be had in the sunshine. Enjoy.

Miss Bondi’s heat 2 was on yesterday at the sweaty Beach Road. Here’s Steffen’s shots backstage

Oh, and the Aquabumps Gallery is open today, 10am to 6pm. In fact we’re open every day until Xmas. So pop in and we can help you find some presents for the family. Our book is selling online, you can buy a copy and pick it up from the gallery if you like – or get it delivered to your door – where ever you are. (we have around 170 left from our 1st shipment, 2nd shipment may be late)

That is all :: uge

John Botela (JJ) flaring up in the middle

Pushing over the edge

Beach crew in the morning mist

Pool spray

Still sets around this morning


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